Indernet 2021

No matter how much stress and effort it takes to make this annual festival possible, it feels so incredibly satisfying every time – The magical atmosphere, the amazing art, and of course the beautiful mix of people. Wow!

The three-day programme consisted of visual showcases, various panel talks and artistic performances.

Due to the circumstances, the exhibition was again conceived as a virtual experience, but the Kunsthafen represented the media hub of the event.

Since we were eventually allowed to receive guests on site, we changed our plans at short notice and opened the space as a broadcasting and meeting place for everyone.

We were able to welcome about 100 visitors on site. Since one had to register for virtual participation this time, we only had about 200 viewers online, but thanks to the technical interaction possibilities that were connected with the registration, a much better exchange between all participants could take place than the year before.

Thanks again to everyone for coming and for sharing so much love and joy!!!

I’m already looking forward to the 5th edition of INDERNET. Yes, the dates are already set: 17-25 June 2022

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