Accessible By Default

kaethe:k Kunsthaus is a professional art studio setting for artistically talented persons with disabilities working on visual art forms such as painting, graphics, plastic arts and media arts. The institution is serving the idea of equal opportunity and effective access to the arts and the cultural world by supporting artists with disabilities in their own studio practice and by facilitating their growth through their in-house art agency, educational programme and an extensive network.

I’m very happy that I got the opportunity to create their online presence. I conceptualised and designed a website, which is unconventional and yet easy to explore.

My goal was to create a website which is barrier-free by default. Enlarging text and increasing contrast are not additional features that visitors with disabilities have to choose, but accessibility is the core of the website and the inspiration for its design.

The presentation of the artists and their work provides refreshing perspectives, makes people want to see more and, above all, arouses professional interest among visitors from the established art scene.