About Me

My name is Manoj Kurian Kallupurackal and I consider myself as an independent creative with an entrepreneurial spirit placing particular emphasis on diversity, equity and social justice.

My areas of expertise range from brand consultancy and media design to the development of strategic communication concepts for company and community building.

After working for numerous multi-national organisations and clients in Germany, India, Malaysia, Egypt and Switzerland, today I’m based back in my hometown Köln running Masala Movement – an online and offline platform for transcultural creativity, empowering underrepresented creatives at the intersection of art, culture and technology.

2014 – today Creative Director at Masala Movement, Köln
2013 – 2015 Creative Director at 1ofa100, Zurich
2012 – today Independent Art Director for various clients
2011 – 2012 Art Director at Interbrand, Köln/Zurich
2009 – 2010 Lecturer for Interaction Design, Germany University Cairo
2008 – 2011 Design Director and Co-Founder, Kurian Ghoting LLC, Cairo
2007 – 2008 Designer at Silverkey Technologies, Cairo
2005 – 2006 Designer at Tequila Myalo / TBWA, Kuala Lumpur
2004 – 2007 Studies in Communication Design, University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld
2003 – 2004 Studies in Media Design, University of Bielefeld
2002 – 2003 Designer at Banten & Humann GmbH, Köln
2001 – 2003 Studies in Design, Köln International School of Design
2001 Design Internship at Brandrelation, Köln

Design Internship at Lowe Lintas & Partners, Bangalore


Design Internship at Times of India, Bangalore

Before even knowing what design meant, it was an important part of myself. Expressing things visually always helped me to deal with different identities and to reach out to other people. Finally, I chose to study design and even developed the belief that it can make the world a little better.

Since my studies I have been working for several multi-national agencies, clients and institutions in Germany, India, Malaysia, Egypt and Switzerland. Today I am based back in my hometown Köln.

Was it the right decision to become a designer? How important is design? Am I designing for society, my clients or my ego? What does success mean to me and when do I feel satisfied in life? These are only a few questions that I keep asking myself. Feeling unsure about a challenge isn’t a problem, it is the beginning of a solution. Because as a designer it is my role to focus on finding answers.

So if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out! I’m always happy to meet new challenges .. and new people 🙂

Manoj Kurian Kallupurackal

+49 174 155 12 44