Together We Invest

Besides my regular design and cultural work I’ve also been little active in the field of angel investment recently. A year ago me and my long-time business partners and friends Hans-Jörg Dohrmann and Claudia Baumgart have founded PAWAO. The idea was/is to build a network of entrepreneurial experts and investors who respect and trust each other as business people and especially as human beings.

PAWAO brand workshop, Köln 2021

PAWAO provides structured analysis and investment know-how and all partners get the opportunity to jointly invest as a group of co-investors. Contrary to a fund, we invest deal by deal. We focus on angel and early stage as well as a selected range of later stage investments. All members decide independently if they want to join a specific deal. Basically PAWAO acts as a professional vehicle to invest jointly in high-potential start ups. Find out more:

After an exciting starting year it was wonderful to celebrate PAWAO’s first anniversary with the team. As I quote on the website: Life is too short to do business with people that are not respectful and enjoyable human beings 🙂

PAWAO team event, Munich 2022