The editor-in-chief of Meine Welt Rainer Hörig contacted me because he wanted to do a feature about young Indo-German entrepreneurs. I think it’s pretty useful to write about your profession once in a while … especially when you have to keep it short.

Before I even knew what design meant, it was an important part of myself. Finally, I chose to study design and even developed the belief that it can make the world a little better. Today I earn my livelihood. Designing helps me to deal with different identities and communicate with strangers.

After years full of experiences in different countries and companies, today I work as a freelance brand consultant and designer in my hometown Köln. My areas of responsibility range from finding a name for new projects, to designing logos, Print and online media up to the development of marketing concepts.

In addition, I manage the non-profit association Masala Movement, which is responsible for intercultural art forms and offers a platform for creative people. It shows that there is a very own cosmos between two or more cultures and cultural identity is not necessarily linked to a nationality.