Hairy Dream

One of my many teenage dreams was to become a hair dresser and open my own barber shop despite the fact that it was considered to be a pretty „gay“ job and not hip at all. But for me growing up with hiphop music it felt essential to have a nice and short haircut. And since it was too expensive to go to the hairdresser all the time I bought a shaving machine. I really enjoyed giving myself and my buddies a cool hair cut.

Today I know why I like it so much: It’s design work! A barber is a designer. You deal with a mess, you get rid off unnecessary stuff and make something look and feel more appealing.

Even my dad used to be one of my ‚clients‘. But of course my parents were always like „Barber shop?? Yeah right, you can pursuit whatever dreams after you finish high school and university.“

25 years later I’m experiencing a little revival while all the shops are closed because of Corona. Right after my mom saw my self-made haircut she booked me for my dad.

Anyone else? 🙂

1995 vs. 2020