Look Into My Eyes

A couple of months ago there was an open call by Fries TV, a really cool initiative that shows video and animation art on a 56m long LED screen attached to the concrete frieze of the Ebertplatz, which is one of the main metro stations in Köln. I had a very spontaneous idea, gave it a shot and got selected 🙂

„From insecurity and frustration to joy and wellbeing – our Ebertplatz offers a range of contrary feelings. Manoj Kurian‘s video contribution is about social participation, representation and accessibility. It is about the art of looking into the eyes, perceiving individuals and emotions, respecting differences and yet feeling connections – moments in which we understand each other even without words.“

Many thanks to all who participated – for your openness and beautiful eyes!

Special thanks goes to the local optician Brillen Föhlisch for their kind and generous support.

Fries TV and all video contributions are funded by Stadt Köln Kulturamt.

Last but not least I would like to thank Kai Hattermann (Filetroyal), Sepiedeh Fazlali (Masala Movement), Yvonne Adam, Kathrin Seifert and Ahjosh Elavumkal (Cameo) – for your professional help and support.

Thank you all for coming and bringing back joyful childhood memories! As a kid growing up in a car crowded place like Köln, the Ebertplatz always felt like a huge and indeed safe playground – a concreted but precious oasis right in the heart of the city.

Thank you to Unser Ebertplatz, Brunnen e.V. and everyone else who is keeping the positive and creative spirit alive on site …