Arabian Utopia

While I was in Dubai for some work I went on a day trip to Abu Dhabi.

In the land of excessive striving for superlatives and disgusting pomp, the Emirati version of the Louvre is definitely a real cultural highlight. But that shouldn’t be too difficult if you spend 1.5 billion euros.

Architecturally speaking the museum an utopian dream that became true. The exhibits look more like decoration within this over-dimensional space and seem randomly mixed together (at least at first glance), but of course there is a concept regarding the order, grouping and selection of the works: all eras, the most important trends and most importantly the most famous artists represented.

So the whole thing is curated from a historical rather than an artistic perspective. The presentation is nice, but not groundbreaking. The branding and signage could definitely need some improvement, but I can’t take care of everything after all 😉