A Dance Theatre About Diwali

My talented friends Vathsalan Rajan and Reena Pathrose came up with an Indian dance theatre including 31 dancers. I was more than happy to help them organising and promoting this great project.

„Desolate darkness has spread all over the kingdom of Ayodhya. For years people and animals have lived there until the last spark of hope and confidence disappeared. In this dreary darkness the virtuous Prince Rama and the beautiful Princess Sita appeared to rejoice the whole kingdom…

Our dance company will take you on an one hour journey into the ancient Indian mythology.  Using facial expressions and gestures as well as rhythmic elements from the classical Indian art form Bharata Natyam, the dancers will tell you the story of Rama & Sita and how closely it is interwoven with the festival of lights Diwali.“

Find out more on rama-sita.de